Gelato Masters
The kids made me do it!

After numerous trips visiting my better half’s family in Germany, my children, persuaded me to open La Coppa, a gelato café, here in the US as the Italians present it in Germany. Yes, all gelato cafés in Germany are owned by Italians! And what better place to start our first café than near our hometown in Wisconsin! Our first location is set to open in July at Bayshore Mall.

A little snapshot of La Coppa history...

In Darmstadt Germany, we visited the local gelato café. After an enlightening conversation with the proprietor, Luigi, I was introduced to his nephews, Alfredo and Maurizio. These artisans are second generation Gelato Grand Masters from the Dolomite region of Italy, the originators (Dolomites) of gelato centuries ago. Alfredo and Maurizio took gelato to a whole new level with their "coppa" creations. There are over 80 different coppas as well as gelato cakes. Gelato is no longer confined to the simple cup, and the basic question of "One scoop or two?"

With my partners in tow, we steamed across the Atlantic (well, not really, we flew) back to the States. After an exhaustive, and very unsatisfying tasting around the US of the gelato offerings at the cafés here, we knew we had to fulfill Alfredo and Maurizio’s dream: To bring the same unique "coppas" to an unschooled crowd here in the US.

The Battle of the Fats!

Gelato, translated from Italian, means ice cream. But unlike American ice cream which contains a minimum of 10% butter fat with most having up to 18% or more butter fat, our Gelato contains only 6.9% fat with our succulent fruit Sorbettos containing 0% fat. An almost waistproof guilty pleasure without the guilt!

Our Gelato is made only with the freshest fruits and all-natural ingredients, never processed. All of our gelatos and sorbettos are made on site daily from our Gelato Grand Masters original recipes. Their passion shines through in these unbelievably silky frozen creations. More flavor, less guilt. "Mangia più gelato!" ("Eat more gelato!")

Us vs. Them!

The gelaterias in the US (that we have tasted) can’t hold a candle to the silky smooth taste of La Coppa’s gelato. The competitions’ "fast food" gelato is often made with powders. Ours is made in the old-style tradition, the way the originators of gelato intended, like silk flowing over the tongue. After one sampling, your taste buds will never be the same again and your tummy will be thanking you. You just might get infused with a little Italian and be telling those other gelatos "Fuget abut you."

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